ASUS Vivo Watch BP: smart watch with GPS and pressure tracking

Of course, ASUS VivoWatch BP has all the standard set of modern wearable fitness gadgets: the watch can count steps, calories, measure heart rate, track sleep and receive notifications. But, more interestingly, the watch can track trends in blood pressure using built-in ECG and FPG sensors, analyze the overall state of the body based on a number of criteria and give General tips on exercise and activity (HealthAI function). In addition, there is a built-in GPS module for building routes for outdoor activities. They promise that the watch can work for up to 28 days on a single charge. There is IP67 splash protection.

What’s in the box?

ASUS VivoWatch BP are delivered in a medium-sized cardboard box in light colors, without any special design refinements. Only the most necessary information. Inside is a watch, an impressive charging dock, a MicroUSB cable, and documentation.

What about the screen and hardware?

This is probably the shortest and most boring section of this review: ASUS VivoWatch BP has almost no additional features, so you don’t need any productive filling. Moreover, ASUS does not provide detailed information. The watch uses a square color display with a diagonal of 1.26 inches, the type specified is LCD. This is a color transflective screen, that is, it mainly reflects in bright light, and the backlight is only needed in the dark. The brightness can be adjusted. Its main advantage is very high energy efficiency.

What about charging and battery?

One of the important advantages of the watch is its autonomy. ASUS does not talk about the battery capacity, but promises 28 days of operation. Of course, this indicator can vary significantly depending on the frequency of GPS use and so on. But, in any case, it will be extremely difficult to land them faster than in 2 weeks.

The gadget is charged from a dock station of a very unusual shape. Charging is fast, according to personal feelings, an hour and a half.

What about the interface and features?

Propityvaniem the right to the left open tabs function: steps (and calories if you swipe vertically, the touch displays a chart clock), sleep for the current day (and an indicator of “comfortable sleep”, it is hard to say), messages (to not answer), start exercise (there is a choice between street and indoor as well as information on steps, calories, etc.), the user’s settings (including brightness, language, goals and reference material) section with alarm, timer and stopwatch, heart rate monitor and the pressure measurement. According to personal measurements, the heart rate monitor has a very good accuracy, the error does not exceed 5%.

Of course, the most interesting is the measurement of pressure and the PTT index (pulse transition time for measuring the speed of blood flow in the human body, determining the emotional state). It is worth answering one important question right away: no, ASUS VivoWatch BP is not a compact tonometer on your hand. Moreover, the watch needs to be calibrated with a stationary tonometer to work properly.

You need to make several measurements and enter them manually in the app. And to maintain accuracy, such calibrations will need to be repeated from time to time. And there will still be an error, of course.


Asus VivoWatch BP — quite a niche gadget: it is difficult to recommend it to someone who is just looking for a “smart” watch with a heart rate monitor. Rather, the target audience is a bias towards people who monitor their health more closely. For example, athletes, people with health problems and the elderly (on the official site of ASUS just directly indicate). Asus VivoWatch BP is not a stylish accessory, but rather a tool for constant monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure, sports activities, tips about taking medications, and so on.