Music a feeling of heart

Is music is important in our life? We all know that music is a kind of art and this we can express our emotions with or ideas also, now if we talk about traditional music then common things you will find in a piece of music there are keys are available which name are Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha ni sa is all words are included in a song and songs are based on this but if we talk about the latest trend that is too much different from this traditional songs in that we need many things like power clear voice with expression Rhythm dynamics pitch and many more things but compare both are different in their places and gives a beautiful touch to our life.


Music can be added at every point like in video games in online games or in any movie series and to many places that is why we can use Music as background voice in today’s topic we are going to touch about uses of music so please stay with us I hope you like the content.

What are the advantages of music?

We all know that music is a great thing filled with the emotions and feelings music is the thing by which we can change over mood within a minute or make yourself excited for doing something it is the kind of waves which goes to a mind and produce and positive vibes in our mind then our mind work positively, if we talk about advantages of music there are many more advantages are present of music, we can focus on our target when we listen to music and we can also so get relax from the pain by which we are suffering in that time

Many people use to make their journey of life with the music because by music everyone can connect and people love to listen to the music that is why the most of the filmmakers use music for independent film let us read more about this in the next topic

Why filmmakers use music?

We all know that music can touch our heart so most of the filmmakers keep in their mind that, if they want to enhance the picture quality or they want to attract the viewers then they have to add music for independent movie that is why we can feel the movie by our heart.